Instruments of the Analytical Biophysics Core Facility


  • Analytical Ultracentrifuge - Beckman XL-I

    The Beckman XL-I is a dual detection analytical ultracentrifuge. The monochrometer can measure at wavelengths of 190 - 800 nm and scan with a 0.001 cm resolution.

    The interference detection system allows measurement of nonadsorbing species like typical polymers as well as protein and DNA systems at concentrations higher than those accessible by off-peak spectroscopy.

    As an average of several fringe positions, the interferrometer gives a strong signal with a very low noise. The camera based detection system allows for ultrafast scans (< 1sec).

  • CD Spectrometer - Olis

    The Olis CD spectrometer has all the features of a modern CD spectrometer. The instrument has computer control for automated temperature sweeps allowing several melting temperatures to be determined in one day. The auto-titration attachment compliments binding as well as chemical denaturation studies. A standard set of cells (1, 2, 5 & 10 mm path lengths) are available for general use. Users will be trained in proper care and maintenance of the instrument and are welcome to borrow the standard cells for occasional use. Frequent users are strongly encouraged to take charge of their own cells.

  • Fluorimeter - Aminco SLM

    The Aminco SLM 8000 fluorimeter is a tank of a machine. T-format detection, Glan-Thompson polarizers, computer controlled monochrometers, temperature control, and classic heavy-duty designed optics & mounts make this instrument robust. The three PMTs with multiple gain electronics allow for a great deal of sensitivity; easily eclipsing that of more 'convenient' fluorimeters. It's an older machine and the computer controller is not sophisticated. However, it can generate fabulous data.

    Velocity Residuals